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TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2014,

Toen ik dit verhaal eenmaal in het Engels af had, kreeg ik het niet meer voor elkaar om ook een Nederlandse versie te maken, dus hieronder de tekst in het Engels. "Some of you may remember how last year I participated in the Amsterdam half marathon and asked for your support to collect funds for the VUMC Cancer Center. I told you the story of my best friend's wife who was losing the battle to cancer. She lost. Forever. Leaving behind a hole in the lives and hearts of people who knew and loved her. She was under treatment at the VUMC CCA and received the best possible care. Unfortunately, it was far from enough as everyone stood helpless as the cancer spread relentlessly. For me, participating in the same run and trying to raise funds for VUMC CCA again this year was meant as closure, to begin putting this episode behind me. Unfortunately, no such luck. Since then, other types of cancer have become more than a statistic as other people close to me received their shattering news and prognosis. For them the trajectory is just beginning. The battle is far from won, this war far from over. So as I display my health and fitness by running around my city, I ask you to help me support the VUMC CCA's funding campaign to buy a new, super-resolution microscope for their research. It feels like throwing a drop in the ocean, but with many drops we may be able to to raise sea level and break through some of cancer's coastal defences. All I'm asking is to contribute a drop by making a donation on my Alvarum fundraising page. Easy and 100% safe."

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